Gonçalo Oliveira is a Writer/Director based in London from Braga, Portugal. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film from the School of Arts in Porto and a Master of Arts degree in Screenwriting from the London Film School. Among other things, his script Modern Philosophers won the Best TV Script at the RED International Film Festival. He keeps a wide focus, writing and producing short films that range from the avant garde to the more classical documentaries or narrative shorts.

During his time in Porto, Gonçalo produced and wrote “When The Forest Whispers”, “Our House In Flames” and “The Interview”, which gathered multiple nominations in many international film festivals. He also Script Advised for “Auspice” which got a nomination at the Take One competition at Curtas de Vila do Conde IFF.

Lately, having finished his MA in London, Gonçalo’s new short-film focuses on honestly portraying the history of Paralympic athletes through the testimony of Lenine Cunha, the most decorated athlete in the sport, and it’s being made in association with the International Paralympic Committee, hoping to reach the international film routes in 2021.
Gonçalo is also currently trying to open a new Porto-based production company with a few other filmmakers that will focus on trying to redirect the centralized Lisbon-based audiovisual market that exists in Portugal to Porto and, hopefully, open up new opportunities for the cinema landscape in Portugal.


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